is very easy and can be explained within a few minutes.

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The service of is good, they will respond quickly to questions and often upgrade / update the software.

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The functionality compared to our previous supplier is certainly equivalent, however, the people who use it don't necessarily need to follow education or training.

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Working with pleases us so well that we also took a subscription for our office in Houston.

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Picture of performing a NEN 3140 test with a tablet

Performing a NEN 3140 test with a tablet

Testing according to the standards

In order to test your tools, you should use the applicable standards. The more tools and other work equipment, the more difficult it is to maintain a clear overview. This is because the standards determine how often you have to test each type of tool. The management of these tests is often very time-consuming. You can now reduce this time considerably. With the online webtool of Gereedschapbeheer.

Manage your tools using the online webtool

You will always meet the requirements of the relevant standards when using the online webtool of Gereedschapbeheer to test your tools, hoisting equipment, etc.

From then on you will know:

  • when the tools have to be retested
  • where the tools are located
  • when the validity of the previous test of the equipment expires
  • whether the measuring equipment is calibrated on time
  • what the costs for equipment are per project

In short, you will immediately know the status of your equipment. Both regarding location and testing. Anywhere and anytime. not only allows you to save on the costs of testing and inspections, but also on superfluous purchases.

Before using Gereedschapbeheer in practice, we will provide customised training for the staff who will be working with the system.

Testing according to the Work Equipment Directive

Regardless of whether this involves the testing of fire extinguishers, tools, measuring equipment, personal protective equipment, hoisting equipment, scaffolding materials, access cards, ladders or any other equipment whose status and location you wish to record, you can always see who has the tools in their possession and where they are. You can print out test forms completed in advance or immediately complete them digitally. This ensures that you comply with the requirements of NEN 3140 for the testing of tools, etc. Furthermore, you will automatically receive an email when it is time to test or calibrate the tools. Request the free demo tool and discover how you can simplify the testing of equipment according to NEN 3140.

Possibilities has a vast number of possibilities:

  • You can assign tools to users, projects or clients.
  • You can set an access level for each user. You can divide the tool management over several supervisors and/or caretakers.
  • The privileges can be set for each user role.
  • You can also allow users themselves to modify the status or the user of the tools. This ensures that the database will always remain up to date. You can set this per category as desired.
  • For each tool you can indicate how often it should be tested or calibrated.
  • You can enter up to three different tests with the associated test periods and other details for each tool.
  • Digital entry of test forms you defined yourself. This allows you to enter the results immediately, for example, when inspecting hoisting equipment or when calibrating your measuring equipment. The results are stored with the piece of equipment and the test status of the equipment is immediately and automatically updated. If required, a test certificate can be easily printed by you or by your client.
  • Automatic sending of an email as soon as the tool needs to be tested, calibrated or serviced.
  • Automatic sending of an email to a person as soon as tools are assigned to that person.
  • Uploading and linking to the relevant ID of files such as manuals, proof of purchase and warranty, drivers and other programs, calibration reports and test documents. As a result, you will always have quick access to your tool-related files.
  • Files and/or inspectionreports and certificates can be downloaded immediately by scanning a QR code.
  • Uploading of a batch of test reports and automatic linking to the correct piece of equipment. You can even make sure here that the test status and test date are automatically updated. All you need to do is upload all the test reports, the program does the rest.
  • Reading of test results from your NEN 3140 equipment tester, after which the database is automatically updated, allowing you to print out the test reports at the press of a button. The equipment testers of Gossen Metrawatt, Nieaf-Smitt, Fluke, Megger, Sonel and Metrel can be read. To the Mors-Smitt SafetyPAT3140 device tester equipment data also can be transported in order to have this data available during inspections.
  • You can modify yourself to suit your requirements and wishes. For example, has optional fields that you are free to define, allowing you to record the data specific to your organisation as well.
  • Link to your administration system for automatic exchange and updating of personal data, project data, data for charging costs, etc.
  • Warehouse receipt and issuing screens with monitoring of test status, among other things. These screens are suitable for use with a barcode and/or RFID scanner.
  • Printing of overviews.
  • Printing of labels.
  • Viewing of the test history.
  • Viewing of the user history.
  • Multilingual interface.

Gereedschapbeheer offers optional modules that make it even easier to test your tools according to NEN 3140. is an online tool. This means that you will always be aware of the status of your tools, wherever you are. The only thing you need is a PC with an internet connection. This means that you won’t need to manage your own server. We make sure that the system always works, is safe and up to date. In this way, you can ensure that your equipment always complies with the guidelines for work equipment. For electrical equipment you should use the standard: NEN 3140.

Are you missing a function? We can add your requirements, from a minor change to a full customised solution. Ask what is possible in this regard.

Testing and inspection companies

For testing and inspection companies we have a special account available. This allows you to manage several locations/clients with each location having its own unique ID number. Furthermore, you can give your clients their own login, allowing them to view the status of their tools online and download inspection documents. If you wish, you can even let your customers make changes themselves such as adding new equipment and linking equipment to another user.


View our links page if you are looking for a company to test your tools.

Request the free demo tool and discover how you can make testing tools easier.