is very easy and can be explained within a few minutes.

Siem Vriend
Cofely Energy & Infra

The service of is good, they will respond quickly to questions and often upgrade / update the software.

Dennis Buskoop
Bouwservice Buskoop BV


The functionality compared to our previous supplier is certainly equivalent, however, the people who use it don't necessarily need to follow education or training.

Mees Hazeleger
BAM Techniek Region Amsterdam


Working with pleases us so well that we also took a subscription for our office in Houston.

Marcel van der Hulst


Depending on your wishes, you can purchase any number of products and/or optional modules of This allows you to create your own package of functionality that you will receive. supplies the following products:

  • The webtool: the basic web-based application.
      The webtool can be expanded by the following optional modules:

    1. Alerts, a module for managing issues such as faults or damage.
    2. Bulk equipment, module for managing bulk equipment, such as hand tools, gloves or scaffolding materials.
    3. Calculation, calculation module for reporting and charging-on work equipment costs to your projects and/or clients.
    4. Certificates, module for managing certificates, of your suppliers or your staff.
  • Mobile web app. A web application suitable for mobile devices, such as your telephone or tablet.
  • GB Inspect app. Tablet app for performing tests and inspections.