is very easy and can be explained within a few minutes.

Siem Vriend
Cofely Energy & Infra

The service of is good, they will respond quickly to questions and often upgrade / update the software.

Dennis Buskoop
Bouwservice Buskoop BV


The functionality compared to our previous supplier is certainly equivalent, however, the people who use it don't necessarily need to follow education or training.

Mees Hazeleger
BAM Techniek Region Amsterdam


Working with pleases us so well that we also took a subscription for our office in Houston.

Marcel van der Hulst


Efficient warehouse management saves you lots of money. By regestering your incoming and outgoing goods you wil minimize the risk of errors substantialy. And it helps you to gain full insight to the regulation of your goods.

Magazijnbeheer met GB Scan

Ideal for managing warehouses

De GB Scan app is – in combination with a handheld with a barcode and/or rfid reader – quick and easy to use. The scanner has a modern user interface, wich allows you to get started quickly. The innovative barcode- and/or RFID-scanning gives you the ability to quickly issuance your products to the right users and projects. Your goods will be equiped with a RFID-tag or a barcode. With our shipping module you are able to make shipments. Shipments can be made with the scanner and with the shipment module you can print the delivery notes.

The products will be registered to the right project directly. GB Scan notices you when your goods need to be inspected. The abilty to just scan your goods makes managing everything a piece of cake.

Have your data ready at all times, even offline

Just like our GB Inspect app, the GB Scan app works offline. Very useful when you are for example inside a shipment container or an other location and there is no internet connection available. The GB Scan app saves your data inside the app automaticaly and updates the database when you are online again.

The benifits of GB Scan.

The PM80 handheld barcode scanner with RFID gun

The PM80 handheld barcode scanner with RFID gun

  • Manage your resources incredibly fast
  • View your products data
  • Construct or scan shipments
  • Linking resources to RFID tags
  • Directly book resources to the appropriate user or the right project
  • Easily check the inventory of, for example, a bus or a project
  • Works oflline too
  • Modern, user-friendly interface

Any ideas for improvement? contact us and let us know.

Download GB Scan

Curious about GB Scan? You can download it in the Google Play Store.