Dé webbased applicatie voor het beheer van gereedschap en materieel

24/7 overzicht over keuringsstatus, locatie, onderhoud en kosten van uw materieel


Maandelijks abonnement, geen initiële kosten


Kostenbesparing, efficiency en gemak


Check quickly on your mobile phone who is using equipment and check when it has to be inspected, simply change the user of the equipment, quickly and easily adjust the inspection status, report an issue: it all is possible with GB Mobile.

Ideal for the workplace

GB Mobile has been developed to easily check the status of equipment at the workplace with your mobile phone. By scanning the barcode with the camera of your mobile phone, you will immediately get the required information on your screen. At a glance you can see when equipment has to be inspected, where it is used and when it must be returned. Easily download an attached file to view the manual. You can change the user, arrange that you can transfer the tool directly to a colleague. It is also possible to change the inspection status if you have the right privileges. You have a complete overview of your work status and you can always have an up-to-date overview of the (inspection) status of your equipment. This saves you time and costs. The app both works online and offline and is, of course, optimally secured.

Functions of GB Mobile:

  • Barcode scanning with the camera of your mobile phone.
  • Search and / or adjust where or with whom the work equipment is being used.
  • Search and / or adjust at which location, for which project or for which customer the work equipment is being used.
  • Determine when a work equipment must be inspected or when it must be returned.
  • Adjusting the inspection status.
  • Adding a report, for example a malfunction or a request for replacement.
  • Taking photos and adding them to the work equipment or to the report.
  • Download and view attachment files.
  • IoT location determination / track and trace integrated in the app.
  • Clear screens with handy search and filter options.

To use this app, an account of Gereedschapbeheer.nl is required. Request a free demo account here.


App store

The GB Mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store of Google Play Store.